That’s a Wrap! – Welcome to Thebes

I can’t believe our journey in Thebes is over :( It’s a bitter sweet end to a fantastic run with an amazing group of talented actors. I’m so proud to have worked with all 25 of them! I’m going to miss everyone!

Special thanks to our director Brian Parkinson and to United Players for the incredible experience! I learned tonnes!

Nancy Caldwell Photography

Nancy Caldwell Photography


“…under Brian Parkinson’s direction, the actors’ commitment keeps the evening impressively well focused. Playing Eurydice, MariaLuisa Alvarez brings a persuasive combination of intelligence, tenderness, and gravitas. I also particularly enjoyed the incisiveness of Mandana Namazi’s Foreign Minister Aglaea, and Rema Kibayi’s charismatic Prince Tydeus…I found Jordan Navratil’s Theseus showy but, in Act 2, the character’s breakdown cracked my heart open…Ultimately, Welcome to Thebes is worth seeing. It’s also a madly ambitious project: this production has a racially diverse cast of 26. Under the artistic direction of Andrée Karas, ambition has long been a hallmark of United Players…”  [Full Review]

– Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight 

 “…there are some excellent performances in this production, notably elegant MariaLuisa Alvarez as a gracious, dignified Eurydice …Jordan Navratil is outstanding as the arrogant, demanding Theseus…Marion Landers is a passionate Pargeia, in cahoots with rebel leader Tydeus, enthusiastically portrayed by Rema Kibayi…Mandana Namazi is a sparky little Aglaea and Morgan Churla does a fine job of Talthybia’s kid-glove, bending-over-backward’s handling of Theseus.” [Full Review]

– Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier