Acting Resumé


HEIGHT: 5’4”
EYES: Dark Brown
WEIGHT: 100 lbs
HAIR: Black


Eternity in a Frame, Per Second | Lead | YuanBeau Productions | Dir. Beau Han Bridge
The Modern Angel
| Lead | Feeling Productions | Dir. Boyuan Han Bridge
The Songwriter | Lead | Boyuan Films | Dir. Boyuan Han Bridge
The Chorus
  | Lead | Western Front Dir. Dan Starling 
Making a Bed, Shirtless 
| Lead | Boyuan Films | Dir. Boyuan Bridge
Intimité | Lead  | Independent Dir. Rahul Premchander
A Fool's Soliloquy
| Lead  | Independent | Dir. Dhruv Mohapatra
| Lead  | Pull Focus Film SchoolDir. Maisie Walker
Last Night
| Lead | Langara Film SchoolDir. Ian Kuan
Marina  | Supporting | Blemmy Productions  |  Dir. David Pring-Mill
Ghost Buskers | Supporting | This is a Spoon Studios |  Dir. Anaisa Visser
Kung Fu Zombie | Supporting | Bam3 Pictures | Dir. Milton Ng
3 A.M. | Supporting | Independent | Dir. Quennie Rose
Better  | Supporting | Langara Film School  |  Dir. Scotti Gibson
Blue Shadows | Supporting | Capilano University Film | Dir. Ian Pease
Autism Meets World | Principal | SAD Films | Dir. Kayla Tellier
It Came From Under the Bed | Principal | Independent | Dir. Milton Ng
Project HLR (Web Series) | Recurring | Premium Digital Films | Dir. Seel Munier
Push Start | Actor | Independent | Dir. Carleen Kyle


Welcome to Thebes | Eunomia | United Players of Vancouver | Dir. Brian Parkinson
Romeo and Juliet | Juliet  | Theatre Templeton | Dir. Mike Stack
Hamlet | Ensemble | Blackspear Productions | Dir. Kailey and Sam Spear
Judge Dee's Chinatown Haunted House | Narrator/Violinist | Seven Tyrants Theatre | Dir. David Newham
The Elflings and the Krampus | Smiley/Krampus | Elves for Hire | Dir. Gabriella Kriss


Kolakucoa | Various (7 Characters)  | Team Kolakucoa
Neemo App | Voice Over | Neemo Tech Inc.
Press Play | Voice Over | Vancouver Film School


Telus "5G Network" | Principal | Telus Studios
Tridus Wealth Management 
| Principal | Active Ingredient Creative Studio
Neemo App 
| Principal | Neemo Tech Inc.
| Principal | Handsome Films Co.

Hand Model

Phonak Hearing Aids | Safehouse Productions Inc.
Neemo App | Neemo Tech Inc.
Antsquare App | Handsome Films Co.


Scene Study (ongoing)  | Ben Ratner
Audition Technique
 | Linda Darlow, Leanne Adachi
Animation/Commercial Voice Over | Kirby Morrow
Commercial Workshop | Linda Darlow, Henry Mah
Acting Workshop | Matthew Harrison, Candice Elzinga, Peter Grasso, Stuart Aikins
Performer's Mastery | Linda Darlow, Henry Mah


Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Certifications | Occupational First Aid Level II
Musical Instruments | Ukulele, Piano, Violin, Guitar, Flute, Tenor Saxophone
Sports | Dragonboating, Skiing, Snowboarding, Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming, Snorkeling
Drivers License, Event Emcee, Modeling
Nail Art Design, Knitting, Crocheting, Embroidery


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