Manicure Monday – Punk Nails

Happy Mani Monday! These are my punk inspired nails for a role I was recently cast in :)


To create this look, I used 2 layers of OPI’s black matte for the base, 1 layer of OPI’s Silver Shatter on top and finished it with an ultra gloss top coat.

Pi Day – 3.14.15 9:26:53

Chotime Creations
3.14.15 9:26:53am

Happy Epic Once in a Lifetime Pi Day Everyone!

It’s also happens to be my friend’s birthday today, so I made him a homemade Pi birthday card!





Tan coloured card stock
Cork letter and number stickers
Burlap for the border
White Canvas
Double Sided Tape


Homemade Cards

There’s a dollar store in Vancouver that I absolutely love. They have a great selection of arts and crafts supplies at really great prices!

Here are some cards I made from some card stock, stickers and glitter tape that I bought during my recent trip to the store. The bow was recycled from a gift I received over the holidays.



Emma, Hannah and Ella Nails

Painted nail art for three very patient girls this week. They have the smallest nails on their hands and toes!

Emma's Seahawk Nails

Emma’s Seahawk Nails

Emma is a big fan of the Seahawks so we went with a blue and green theme for her nails. I painted a pale blue for the base and using a thin nail art brush I painted bright blue and pastel green polish to create the short horizontal brush strokes on her nails. I then used white polish on a stamper plate to create the flower and finished the flower with a few blue microbeads (the same that are used for caviar nails). And last but not least, TOP COAT!

Hannah's Instagram Inspired Nails

Hannah’s Instagram Inspired Nails

Hannah asked me to recreate a design she found on Instagram. I had to modify the look a bit because her nails were so tiny!

I think they turned out great!




Ella and Hannah - Pink!


Ella, who is adorable at 3 years old, had only one request. Pink polish! So I painted her toenails pink and using a white Tipp metal tip polish I painted a tiny flower on her big toe.

Hannah asked for polka dots on her toes. I  used the same white Tipp metal tip polish I used for Ella’s toes to create the dots. The trick to painting polka dots is making sure that they’re all evenly spaced out. If they’re placed haphazardly they start to look like pox instead of polka dots and we don’t want that! I started with placing one diagonal row of dots across the nail and then placed the rest of the dots in rows next to them.

And Voila! Three very happy customers! :)