Kung Fu Zombie – Bam3 Pictures

I co-star alongside Osric Chau, Jessica Zraly, Andy Yu, Milton Ng and Glenn Somera in the comedy action film Kung Fu Zombie.

The film won “BEST SHORT – Action/Adventure” for the Summer 2014 quarter at the Asians on Film Festival and will be screening at the Los Angeles festival in March 2015.

Watch the film below! Thanks to Bam3 Pictures for having me on as part of the team!

"Kung Fu Zombie" - Bam3 Pictures

Glenn Somera, Stephanie Cho, Osric Chau and Andy Yu in “Kung Fu Zombie”

Upcoming Show – HAMLET as you’ve never seen…her

Blackspear Productions HamletI am performing as 8 different characters in the ensemble of BlackSpear Productions “Hamlet” at the Shop Theatre. I laugh, I cry, I snoop and a whole bunch of other things!

BlackSpear Productions rather unorthodox production of the Bard’s masterpiece will re-imagine Hamlet as a young female royal in a modern world.

Hamlet will be female, played by a female actor.

Staying true to the original dialogue, the intention is that their contemporary take will not skew the heart of this iconic tale, but rather help awaken and refresh the character dynamics, struggles, and poetry that have made this piece the timeless classic it is today.

Wednesday October 29th – 7pm PREVIEW
Thursday October 30th – 7pm OPENING
Friday October 31st – 7pm HALLOWEEN
Saturday November 1st – 7pm
Sunday November 2nd – 2pm MATINEE
Thursday November 6th – 7pm
Friday November 7th – 7pm
Saturday November 8th – 2pm MATINEE
Saturday November 8th -7pm
Sunday November 9th -7pm

LOCATION: The Shop Theatre, 125 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver

TICKETS: http://theshophamlet.brownpapertickets.com/
(*get your tickets early- there is limited seating*)

MORE INFO: http://hamletattheshop.wordpress.com/

Directed by Kailey & Sam Spear

BlackSpear Productions co-produced by Renegade Productions Inc.

HAMLET – Libby Osler
CLAUDIUS – Greg Delmage
GERTRUDE – Katherine Young
POLONIUS – Toph Marshall
HORATIO – Chris Walters
OPHELIA – Starlise Waschuk
LAERTES – Annette Reilly
GHOST – Jeffrey Renn
ROSENCRATNZ – Kaylin Metchi
GUILDENSTERN – Tosh Sutherland
MARCELLA – Katalina Bernards
PORTIA aka PLAYER QUEEN – Priyatharshini Raja
ROSALIND aka PLAYER – Janette Bundic
DEMETRIUS aka PLAYER – James Dolby
GRAVEDIGGER 2 / FRANCISCA – Sarah Kathryn Young
BARNARDO – Andrew Gillingham
ENSEMBLE – Stephanie Cho
ENSEMBLE – Natasha Wehn

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